Trivial GDB - libtgdb
Abstract debugger interface

Trivial GDB is an architecture for creating interfaces to the GNU Debugger (GDB). It was developed alongside the curses-based interface, CGDB.

Those wanting to develop a debugger interface can simplify their implementation by using this library, as it handles all the GDB communication and parsing that will be required. The curses interface is one example of what can be done. A very basic Qt interface was also made, showing TGDB's robustness in various environments.

January 29, 2003
Executive Summary:
TGDB project has been renamed to CGDB, please visit:
We decided it was time to stop calling the project "TGDB", since this was leading to confusion about what to call the UI. Our project is officially now called CGDB (homepage, project page). TGDB, or libtgdb, is now just a part of the CGDB distribution. You will most likely want to update your bookmarks to point to the CGDB homepage now, rather than here. We apologize for any inconveniences this causes.

A lot of effort in the past few days has been put into this restructuring, and we feel it is for the better. Our understanding is that most visitors are mainly interested in using CGDB, and are not interested in libtgdb, which originally spawned the project. Those who are looking for libtgdb will find it in all future CGDB releases.

The CVS browser link was removed from the page today, as well, since tgdb's CVS tree is officially frozen. New development is going in the CGDB project. Eventually, this page may serve to support libtgdb as its own project, but for now, libtgdb will be wrapped into CGDB.

January 27, 2003
Trivial GDB web page created. The web site that previously resided here has been relocated. Logo

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